Friday, June 13, 2008

Lilian (former Chicago UBF)

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Hi there,

Listening to your story is painful because I can truly understand how you feel. I was approach by one of these fools in 2004 named Tiffany when I was a student at UIC. She came as a wolf in sheeps clothing, she asked me their famous phrase "do you want to study the bible?", I being a dedicated christian said yes. I mean, I thought this is cool I have someone to study the bible with at school. Well...everything seemed fine at first. She came to our home twice and my husband heard her dogma and said after she left, "She's wrong in what she thinks, and her christianity is wrong." Then my best friend who met her as well said "they are like cultish." I continued to bible study with Tiffany because I didn't know how to rid her of me. She started with genesis and would follow some outline she had twisting the book of genesis which I notice right off the bat. Then she told me about their "marriage by faith" which I thought was completely wild. No church in life has ever believed or promoted any of their beliefs, and I grew up in the church for the most part.

Well...only like a month had gone by since meeting this loone, and Easter was approaching. She told me of a "conference" UBF was having and invited me to go. After telling my husband he said "I don't want you to go." I realize now it was the Holy Spirit speaking thru him. I said okay, because I really didn't want to go at all, because we have our own church that we attend. When I told Tiffany I wasn't going she keep insisting day after day, after day, after day that I go. She became abraisive and munipulative and said that nothing should be more important than God to me. I said to myself 'nothing is', I simply don't want to go to your outing. Then she would say things that would almost divide me and my husband, she said "he doesn't have to come", and not your husband but God is the most important.

After this I joined one of MY churches ministry's and told her. She was silent and realize that I would nerver join UBF. I must say getting her angry was awesome!!!! None the less, I was somewhat bruised because she made me feel, even if just for a limited time, that I had to do things her way to please God, and that my christian life was bad or corrupt if I wasn't doing things 100% for their "great commision." So I got tired, I told her "when I have time to bible study I'll call you." I never did again, she would call me but I'd ignore her calls. Now I'm thankful to my savior Jesus Christ for not allowing me to be perverse and twisted and for pointing me straight back to him. The scripture that always came to my mind was Jesus came to set the captive free. To God be the Glory!!!

God is Love bro, ask him to give you a real revelation of how much he loves you just as you are and all you have to do is believe!

Lilian | 06.27.07 - 12:17 pm

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Desiree R. (former Toledo UBF)

Regarding the allegations of forced abortions, here is a personal note written by Desiree R., a former member of Toledo UBF: “Dear Sarah Barry; I am sending you this note, because I have been disturbed by this issue for many years. Way back in the early 1980’s you and I sat at your kitchen table, and had our first ‘get to know each other’ discussion. The first question out of your mouth to me was ,‘Did you have an abortion?’ and ‘Why did you do this?’. I will never forget the look of pure anger on your face, even though I stated to you that your information was incorrect. I guess I just want to hear from you why it was so important to listen to false witness about me and make a judgment before you heard the truth. I want to hear from you how you could support Samuel Lee’s direction for some Korean UBF women to follow through with abortions and give up their children for the sake of serving their ‘mission’. I want to know how you sleep at night knowing that your silence on this issue has killed the innocents and stricken their families with grief and shame. I find it odd that you could look me in the face and express concern, for something I never did or would ever have considered, and yet, behind the backs of all who respected you, (and your so called ‘Christian’ beliefs) you would support murder. Just so you get the full picture here. Remember the facts. I was heavily involved in UBF for most of my youth. I paid the ultimate price. I lost my health and my ability to ever bear children. It has taken me years to overcome my emotions about this issue. Over the years, I have often reflected back on the time I spent with you. You may or may not recognize how naive people were to your charms. I want to know how you live with yourself, knowing full well that your influence has caused so much sadness.”