Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hal W. (former Chicago UBF)

Date: 04 Jun 2001 11:53:29

Hello XX,

I am glad to hear that you agree with my decision. I left for many of the reasons you listed, but I did not get my information from any web site. It is my belief that UBF is not where God would have me to be. In my time at UBF it seemed to me that too much emphasis was placed on Dr. Samuel Lee and his manuscript. While I understand that he is a good servant of God, I could not take his words above the word of God. I am sorry to have to leave, but I truly feel that I would not continue to grow in UBF. I did not feel that the people in power had the credentials to be teaching and training disciples. I also noticed a lot of forced pushing instead of emphasis on growing in the Christian faith. Once more I thank you for your words, they are a confirmation that I have done what is best for me. May God bless you in your Christian life


In Christ,

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nafina A. (former Chicago UBF)

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 00:19:09


I just found the reformubf.org website (and its related one rsqubf). I left ubf a year ago and I am very very disconcerted after reading so many horrible accounts of Dr. Samuel Lee's behavior (and some of the testimonies in the rsqubf site). My bible teacher exhibited a lot of the same characteristics everyone else is describing (controlling, manipulative, scaring and using God's word for her own agenda). There came a point that my family (who is not Christian) told me to get out or I'd be kicked out. They (UBF) of course told me that my family is not Christian so I shouldn't listen to them and if i do then I'm disobeying God. And they would always quote, "Do you want to obey man or God?" So it was a REALLY REALLY horrible time in my life and THANK GOD I chose to remain with my family.

I have just found this site today and I'm so shocked. I hope that whatever is being said about ubf isn't true. Partly due to my pride (that I got sucked in) and partly bc I really did make good friendships in UBF and most of the people I knew were true Christians (albeit fearful of Dr. Samuel Lee).

I just spoke to my best friend (who's still in UBF) and she said that that whole site is a fraud and they got this last year and it's so sad that just bc a few ppl have problems with Dr. samuel lee, they are doing this to blemish the name of UBF. Somehow that explanation doesn't ring true. How can so many ppl post similar experiences and I personally relate to most of them.