Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sarah Jane R. (former Chicago UBF)

Sarah Jane R.'s Testimony

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Thursday, January 8

ok...i think i've regained enough composure to elaborate on my previous post...i've mentioned before that i was raised in a cult, no? yes, it's true...my family was in a cult called University Bible Fellowship (UBF) until i was the age of 17...it sucked...we got out...my family found normal healthy (relatively) churches...but the scars from spending my most formative years in a regime marked by totalitarianism, legalism and just plain lunacy are still fresh, almost 15 years after i was freed...

...if my family hadn't gotten out when they did, it's possible that the leader of UBF would not have lived to see 1994 instead of continuing his reign of terror until 2002...i know how much i wanted to kick that SOB's ass when i was a mere teenager, and i know it would've only gotten worse by my college years...this is not something i'm proud of either...i mean, the guy was like totally ancient and already near death healthwise when he died in that house fire two years ago...but i have to freely admit that i really, really REALLY wanted to kick his ass from here to pyonyang, NK where his other totalitarian buddies live...

...right now, UBF continues to operate on college campuses across the united states and around the world, including here in chicago at schools like northwestern, UIC, loyola, depaul, northeastern, etc...sad but true...somebody call out the national guard...

...zion grieves...where now is her crown of beauty for the ashes that lie here, in these ancient ruins, where now is the oil of gladness poured out instead of mourning? the devastation of generations past and present plead for restoration...

by sarah-ji

10. 75% of the buildings within a 4 block radius of the group headquarters is owned or occupied by members of your group

9. you and the other kids in the group have to line up in the "LEADER's" office with your report cards several times a year

8. you (and everyone else in the group jr high and older) are ordered to write and share a speech entitled 'I AM A NOBODY'

7. the "LEADER" personally cuts (butchers) your hair and thinks he's doing you a favor

6. the "LEADER" is a short stocky korean man who likes to run around in military fatigue

5. the "LEADER" plots your future engagement from the time you are 11

4. it is common, and expected, to have at least 3 couples get married at the same wedding, and most likely, the couples find out they are getting married and to whom anywhere from the night before to maybe a few weeks prior to the wedding

3. occasionally, not too long after a wedding, one of the newly married brides is kidnapped for deprogramming by her concerned parents

2. the "LEADER" administers his own quack medical treatment for members' various health problems, including salt water injections to skin lesions for psoriasis, a big mac diet for the underweight, and an IV for just about any reason

1. your group is listed on numerous cult awareness websites

today is the two-year anniversary of the death of the "LEADER"...i will stop here because i am THIS CLOSE to typing a tirade of curses and laments for childhoods lost and lives ruined...this is the hell i witnessed until i was seventeen...