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G. Lewis (former Western Illinois U. UBF)

(Posted at in 2004.)

Date Posted: 19:16:35 08/17/04 Tue
Author: E
Subject: Trying to Leave UBF at *IU

I have decided to leave the *IU chapter of UBF. However I have tried unsuccessfully to leave before. I hope to stay strong in my conviction this time and leave permanently.

The problem is that half of my worldly possessions are being stored by a UBF missionary. This missionary has made veiled threats regarding rape and death toward me. I am considering not trying to reclaim any of the things at this man's house. Unfortunately, this will mean not getting back hundreds of dollars worth of possessions

If you have any advice for me regarding this issue please respond.

Thank You


Date Posted: 21:02:20 08/17/04 Tue
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Subject: Re: Trying to Leave UBF at *IU
In reply to: PSUDAB 's message, "Re: Trying to Leave UBF at *IU" on 20:47:37 08/17/04 Tue

Thank you for you sympathy PSUDAB

> "the rape is altogether bizarre. Either one should send up HUGE red flags."
Agreed. I was shocked when the incident in question took place. That is when I realized that I absolutely had to leave UBF permanently. I am afraid of naming the missionary and the small chapter by name.

The problem is that I have already refused to attend the last two conferences and any testimony sharing meetings for quite awhile. That maybe the reason that the missionary was so upset with me.

I have thought about slowly taking back my possessions but I do not have a car or any friends or family willing to help me retrieve my belongings that are outside UBF. I am hoping to be able to get my things back without any argument but I am very anxious about the whole situation.

In Christ,

Date Posted: 10:16:48 08/18/04 Wed
Author: E
Subject: Re: you need police assistance
In reply to: Nick T. 's message, "you need police assistance" on 09:17:51 08/18/04 Wed

Alright, let me try to explain more clearly about the veiled threats.

This Korean UBF missionary told me a story about a woman missionary who lived in Africa and was raped by someone who attended the church she founded. He then went on to say that he wished that what happened to that African missionary would happen to me. This was during One to One Bible Study in his house. There was no one else at home at that time. When I realized what the nature of the story was going to be I made it perfectly clear that I did not want to hear this story. After all what does a rape story have to do with Bible Study. He insisted on telling me the story anyway. Forcing me to listen in and of it self is a form of mental abuse. We were not studying the usual Genesis or John chapter but Revelations 2:10. "Be faithful unto death..." The missionary at the time seemed to be trying to mask feelings of great anger. He had many reasons to be angry with me.

1. I refused to register for the Easter Conference and did not attend.
2. I refused to register for the up coming MSU conference. And obviously had no intention of attending.
3. I have been in UBF for three years and do not regularly write testimonies or attend testimony sharing meetings.
4. I do not refer to UBF people by their titles.
5. I have a Christian family and was a Christian before attending UBF.
6. etc.

This was our last Bible Study of the year my things were already going to be put in his possession because I could not find another storage place. His house of course is off campus.

Date Posted: 13:08:52 08/30/04 Mon
Author: E
Subject: Re: did you get your stuff?
In reply to: Nick T. 's message, "did you get your stuff?" on 11:16:47 08/26/04 Thu

Yes, I got everything back all by myself.

The police talked to the UBF at WIU and they have made no contact with me since. I cannot tell you what the UBF said to the police but I am sure they did not acknowledge any wrong doing on their part. Because no arrests were made.

I can tell you that they are not having SWS in the Student Union at least this week.

I am in counseling and will see a MD for a check up this week.

I am doing very well now that this has been settled to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank You for asking,


Date Posted: 19:13:30 09/01/04 Wed
Author: E
Subject: Trying to Leave UBF at WIU
In reply to: E 's message, "Trying to Leave UBF at *IU" on 19:16:35 08/17/04 Tue

The situation has yet to be fully resolved by campus police.

There was another incident today. The [UBF] Student president Nick [Kreida] followed me into a computer lab on campus. I notified Campus police and they told me that the situation is still being investigated ...

I also was able to let a girl they were trying to fish know that she should stay away from that group. She thanked me and went on her way.