Thursday, April 26, 2007

Becky C. (former Chicago UBF)

Date Posted: 02:50:07 05/27/02 Mon
Author: Voice of America
Subject: Richard and Becky C.

I came upon the following old posts from Becky C.. Does anyone know how
the C.s are doing and how I could reach them?


Author: Becky C.
Subject: I married the prince of John Birds Fellowship

I've wanted to say something about my experience with UBF for a long time now. There are so many things to talk about that I will only mention a few at a time. I studied the bible for 3 years before I married Richard C. who was in John Birds fellowship. I was in Dr. Ban Tohs fellowship before this (I can talk about things there but that will be later). I will basically talk about my experience after I married for now. I really wanted to serve the Lord, so when I married I thought it would great to cowork with Richard. However little did I know what I was in store for because I really had no relationship with anyone in John Birds fellowship. I thought it would be a nice fellowship to join and would be new and exciting. I soon found out that not only did I acquire my mother-in-law and father-in-law but also all of John Birds fellowship became my in laws and I don't mean in a positive way. They never made me feel welcomed and it seemed as if I was intruding on Richards life. That was only the surface of the problems. It became deeper. When Richard sinned(supposedly sinned), I was blamed for that. John Bird began to blame me for whatever sin Richard committed. That is so unbiblical. We are responsible for our own sins and we must repent for them before Christ. Every person will stand before the judgement seat of Christ not the spouse in your place. It became increasingly difficult to stay in such a fellowship where I experienced no love from the leadership. John Bird tried on many occasions to seperate Richard and me. At first Richard listened to him, however I was praying that God would open his eyes. God did open his eyes. Thank God otherwise we both would have been in UBF in a miserable marriage or I would have left divorcing Richard. God has blessed our marriage despite all the difficulties and trials. He in fact has made us stronger and closer and we thank God. I disagree with the way they treat marriage in UBF. They usually want the spouse to be working with the fellowship leader closer than with their own family or spouse. God has said in His word that family should come first and then the work of God. UBF has it all messed up. We really pray Rich and I for the marriages in UBF that they really will be true models from the Bible. We thank God that we left and we hope that others in the same place as we were would not settle for less for their marriage and their life. When you accept Christ into your life you have become the child of the KING and you have grace and peace and love and real beautiful blessings for your marriage. Not legalism control and political games. I could write more probably later. God bless! Becky C.

Author: Becky C.
Subject: Re: I married the prince of John Birds Fellowship

Chicago Reform Thank You For your encouragement. I wanted to answer your questions as soon as I could. I really did not know Jim Rabchuk. He always was very cordial with me and also my husband Richard. The one thing that I did notice was that he really seemed to have his own fellowship within the John Bird fellowship. There seemed to be very little coworking between the leadership there. I also want to say something about my testimony that I left out. It was that the problems we had with John Bird were brought up to Samuel Lee and he didn't do anything about it instead he claimed that Richard was just bothering him while he (Samuel Lee) was writing his message. Doesn't the bible say that if you have a problem with another individual you should bring it to them and if they do not listen you involve another believer to help out. Well,we went directly to Samuel Lee and nothing was done. Also, missionary Sarah Barry didn't do anything when we went to her. She told me just to leave John Bird alone, but said nothing to him or even tried to meet with him to straighten things out. Richard and I were willing to do this but nothing was done. There is alot more to this story but I think whoever reads this gets the idea. If the Lord wants then maybe I'll share more. I hope I answered your questions. I also just want to thank and praise God for what He is doing in UBF. I pray that all the corruption will be driven out of there and that the leaders who do not really have a desire to be more like Christ will be driven out of there. I pray that they will be replaced by people who are humble and yearn to know Christ more. I pray that the full gospel will be preached and that souls will be saved. I pray that this ministry will not just produce an assembly line of robots but college students that will change the world. Amen!!