Monday, April 30, 2007

Hazel Z. (former Chicago UBF)

(For background on the matter brought up in this testimony, see

I am the one of whom Amy Young wrote in her testimony. Everything that Amy wrote regarding my past marriage with Damon John L and Damon's relationship with Little Sarah Lee Kim is true. Amy's letter only scratched the surface of the sin of adultery and its cover-up that took place. Fortunately, God's grace is sufficient to forgive even such transgressions and is freely extended to those who truly repent of them.

I write here tonight for one purpose: to thank my LORD JESUS CHRIST.


"My LORD JESUS CHRIST, I thank YOU for YOUR grace and for taking me down this path thus far. YOUR plans were and are perfect. During my times of trial, YOU comforted and carried me through. YOUR grace for me was never more evident than when I needed to forgive. Having to carry one man's and one woman's sin made me realize more what YOU really did at the cross. I thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to share even just a bit of your suffering. YOU are right - it is pure joy to share in YOUR suffering.

I thank YOU, LORD JESUS, for YOUR example of one who 'instead entrusted himself to HIM who judges justly.' YOU know that YOUR word and YOUR example in 1 Peter 2:23b was my source of hope and joy.

I thank YOU for revealing YOUR wonderful plan for me. It was YOUR way of getting me out of an environment where the people and teachings are far from YOU.

LORD JESUS, YOU have blessed me with one blessing after another since then. I thank YOU for the blessings of YOUR molding and the work YOU have done in and through me. Of course, I don't ever want to go through that again, LORD. But my prayer is that I may always remain yielded to YOUR hand.

I thank YOU for this 'Summer' season in my life now: for surrounding me with Christians in a fellowship that honors YOU. I thank YOU for Amy for her courage to speak the truth and for our renewed friendship. Please bless her, Jamie, Joseph, Matthew, and Luke.

Thank YOU, LORD JESUS, for our walk together. I regret nothing and am excited for the walk ahead of us. YOU are perfect and just. I love YOU, My GOD, JESUS CHRIST. Thank YOU for loving me.

YOUR abiding branch

My Lord Jesus, I feel your Holy Work.
Please heal her completely and encourage her.
May God Bless, Amen!