Monday, April 30, 2007

Joseph P. (former Chicago UBF)

(For background on the issues brought up in this testimony, see and, part c.)

Subject: Joseph P. Answers The Abortion Issue.

Dear watcher,

My mom did aprove of me putting this up. She was by me while I wrote this, and she read and approved it before I actually put it up.

My mother is praying and waiting for the right time to post on this board and others.

Thank You
Joseph P. (Son of Rebekah Y.)

Pastor Jimmy R., a very close friend of mine, posted this regarding what Samuel Lee did to my family.

The situations mentioned in the post are vague to me, but I do remember specific instances in those situations... i do remember seeing our house door boarded up.

The story in the post is about me and my mother... some of the situations were mentioned in my testimony, but some are not. Some are things I never knew happened until i read the post...

I really hope this doesn't sound bitter in any way shape or form... these situations angered me, but being angry at things is just useless. If we can't grow and realize that our final destination and goal is the presence of God, and realize that everything else is to serve him, how can we set the example to all other non-Christians, Christians, non-UBFers or UBFers.

I am praying that Samuel Lee will repent. I have mercy on his soul, but that does no justice. Justice is determined when we are at heaven's gate and final judgement is passed. God is a forgiving being. I do not want another child to be raised through what I've been through. Realizing that you could've always had a little sibling or the pain of knowing that your mother went through so much at the hands of one man. One man that thinks he is in control, but he is NOT. God will pass judgement, I just hope I can see Samuel Lee in heaven.

Thank You
Joseph P.

(follow up by Sarah R.)

My dearest Joseph,

Seeing your words of forgiveness and grace towards Samuel Lee and those in UBF really pierced my heart, and I feel so convicted knowing that I struggle daily to forgive again and again.

I can't tell you how proud I am of you. I've known you since you were 3 days old, and I've always loved you as my younger brother. I'm so thankful that now as a young man you are running passionately after Jesus. You and your mother will always have a very special place in my heart.

Sarah R. (Daughter of M. Jimmy R.)