Monday, October 22, 2007

James (former Toledo UBF)

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2005.)

Name: James
E-mail address:
Comments: I was formerly in UBF and I hope I do not seem like I am judging UBF but, I was part of the UT chapter and I was only in it for about a year. The main reason why I left UBF is because I did not want to go to UT anymore. I decided I wanted to go to a private college and recieve my degree in nursing and my teacher told me that I have to hang around the PHD's and sheepards at the church and to stay at UT if I wanted to make it through life and to be a stronger man of Christ. I really hated it there. I could not tell them about my girl friend (which I am getting married to this August), I was looked down on for not going to church and going to work instead one sunday (I had to switch days because my cousin was killed in a car accident and the funeral was on that monday and I had to work so I switched with a friend and just to mention I was one of the bearers who carried the casket). Not only that, but like for example my Bible teacher was a hypocrit (not saying I am perfect but I was not a hypocrit about things). I would get "rebuked" for not reading my papers I wrote word for word (I would take notes down and go from there and sometimes I would get "rebuked" for not writing enough even though I felt I wrote my complete answere) and the one thing I really hated was that our minister, DR. Paul Hong made me feel so intimadated. You had to either call him Dr. or Shepard... and by the way, everyone there got angry when I did not want to be called a sheep and then my name. Sorry if my e mail sounds a little winney or anything but I thought that place was a cult. I could not date and I had to wait. I think God has blessed me with Holly and not to mention, I am a very happy ActiveCatholic (I am not saying cahtolics are the best relgion or anyhting becasue anyone who believes christ saved us is there in the ball park but I was just mentioning that I loved being a cahtolic). One other thing that I would like to point out is that I was a high school graduate of 2004 and when I started going to UBF I was only 18. I had to have a note from my mom permitting me to go to church [according to the Toledo UBF leader]. My point is, I believe if you want to learn about God, you don't have to have parental permission and besides that, I was legally and adult. If anyone wants to go to UBF thats fine, everyone has their right to worriship, don't get me wrong but, I don't feel you have to have parental permission to do.