Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anonymous (former MSU UBF)

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2006.)

Name: ex member msu ubf
Comments: I too was taken in by the attention and love bombing of ubf. I can say that I always felt something was not really right at msu ubf. I finally put my finger on the problem there two years later. The leadership was in a power struggle to rule over the sheep and their lives. I met some good people there for the two years I was involved there. They want you to spend countless hours feeding sheep and attenting their fuctions to create a number to make it look good for the leaders. I could never figure out why people make a committment to poverty and think this is god's way of blessing them. If creating tremendous debts and self sacrifice will get you a little recognition with ubf then this is something I never did need and feel deeply sorry for those that have been taken and lost many good years of their lives to this group. find a reputable church and attend there and don't look back at all the controlling things of your past god will bring you back stronger than before. keep the faith. may god bring peace tou your lives moving forward .