Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thom (former Triton UBF)

(Posted in the guestbook at http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jsku/ubf.html)

I am a former UBF Triton attendee. I worked with Thomas H (who shares the same first name and last initial as I). I actually got started with UBF because I was going through this ultra-religious ultra-moral stage in my life, and looking for a Christian group, UBF preseanted itself. I was a bit rebellious though, I think, because I would often prefer my own interpretation of passages to those of the UBF and became less and less serious when it seemed like everything was being twisted around to represeant a single meaning "Love, respect, trust God (as interpreted [and represented] by UBF) unconditionally" or whatnot. Glancing over your other writings and such I think that we may have a lot in common. I have added you to my AIM buddy list. I am called CamdenBloke.