Wednesday, October 31, 2007

human12 (former Chicago UBF)

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Samuel Lee brainwashed my wife to believe that I would leave her as her father had left her and her mother if she didn't obey him [Samuel Lee]. So at one point my wife accepted his advice for her to be separated from me and she 'obeyed' him believing that she was obeying God's direction. She took our 6-month-old son and left me to go back to Korea. I have never experienced such a traumatic event in my whole life. You come home one day and find your son and your wife gone with no trace! Then bunch of UBFKorean elders visited me in a shock and told me that I was receiving a 'divine discipline' from God!

What is more disgusting is that the whole story has been somehow turned around so strangely that people believe that it was actually I who left my son and my wife! Samuel Lee and UBF made me the bad guy and a liar. But you cannot do anything about it because you were made to believe that if you leave UBF, God will punish you. Of course that is the most disgusting lie that could be fabricated in the name of 'one-to-one Bible study'.

In UBF there is no truth. There is only abuse and deception to improve UBF business by making campus students 'committed' UBF devotees.

Why would anyone allow such an organization run his life? Because a cult like UBF manipulates a person on the level of his conscience by teaching common virtues with the terror of God's punishment. No innocent college freshman in any campus can escape easily this trap.

It is as if your friend could manipulate you by using the virtue of friendship like "if you are my friend, do this." If you are a good guy, you will find that it would be very difficult to refuse your friend because you know that friendship is a great virtue worth sacrificing yourself. But if you refuse your friend who is trying to use you, he will accuse you of being a liar and a hypocrite. That is what UBF does. If anyone leaves UBF, UBF fabricates many lies about him to demonize him. UBF is like a manipulative friend that anyone should avoid.