Tuesday, October 23, 2007


(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2005.)

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Comments: Hello, I will keep my name and email confidential, but at the same time I want to express my opinions about UBF. I was never officially a member of the church, but I did study one-to-one bible study with a long time Korean UBF member for quite some time. (3 years) I will not name the Missionary I had bible study with, due to legality/slander issues. I always believed that something was wrong with the Church. Something strange, not right, but I could never pinpoint exactly what was wrong. Some people might say, how could I judge UBF if I was never a actual active member, but even though I was not a member, I could sense something was really strange. I have been reading many of the websites regarding UBF, and personal ex-member testimonies and agree with many of the former members. I always kept a suspicious distance, and really never wanted to get close to the church. Yes, I was a little scared and unsure. I felt the only way to protect myself was to not get involved. I went to a few conferences, but that was about it. I recently stopped attending one to one bible study, and I am happy that I had the courage to stop cold-turkey, and not have to use UBF bible study as a emotional crutch in my life. Actually this was the second time I stopped one-to-one bible study with the same missionary. The first time was about two years ago. I stopped attending for roughly 6 to 8 months and this so called Missionary would call me every Sunday leaving me the same message like, "Have a Good Day", sometimes appear in front of my apartment building with his wife, and a few times even rang my doorbell. What a weird guy. Definitely a form of harrasment. Eventually he stopped, but silly me eventually went back for bible study with the same missionary, up until recently when I finally said to myself enough is enough. This is getting rediculous. The whole point of UBF is to make a person think and act like a robot. They want people to conform to their standards, and it you do not conform to their standards then they nicely rebuke you, as in my case. I believe that they really never kick people out, but only play psychological games with their sheep. I beieve the pupose of having weekly bible studies, sometimes four to five times a week as in my case, is so that some form of control can be imposed over the sheep. If the missionary believes that the sheep is rebellious, or not wanting to conform as in my case, then the weekly one-to-one bible studies will continue, and thats all. Other UBF programs will not be introduced to the sheep unless the Missionary believes that his/her brainwashing has taken effect. In my case the actual brainwashing of me never took place. I believe that if the Missionaries think that you are not 100% of the way they want you to be, then they are scared that if they bring you into other UBF meetings, bible studies etc, that somehow the rebellious sheep might tarnish, or bring down morale on the other sheep/members. At the same time if the Missionaries believe that you are not ready, they are also scared that they might lose a sheep by bringing them to quickly into the system. The sheep might get scared off. Basically the church is a system, and not really a Church in my opinion. It is all about THOUGHT CONTROL, MONEY, and NUMBERS (the more people the better) So if anyone is planning on joining UBF, my advice stay away and find a mainstream church. This church I believe does not really care for its members. But only uses them. Thank you,