Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rebecca H.

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2004.)

Name: Rebecca h.
E-mail address: withheld
Comments: I knew former member Kathy Calabrese personally. My mother used to baby sit for her children all of the time. We used to wonder why she always looked so worn out, so sad, she hardly ever smiled. We knew that she loved God and was a Christian, but we also sensed that something was not right about the "church" she attended. I am just utterly amazed that anyone who know the Bible and Our Lord Jesus Christ could ever believe that this man Samuel Lee is a Christian. He is everything opposite. I only hope that the people at UBF who have a sincere desire to follow God will get out of there as soon as possible, this is indeed a CULT. No true man of GOD would ever tell a womand to kill her unborn child. No man of God would ever force or coerce a woman or couple to put thier child up for adoption. A true man of GOD would not tell people to beat each other up, or make them walk barefoot for miles in the winter to "train" them. Where can show me in the Bible that God, our God of Love who sent his only son to Die a horrible death on the cross so "we can have Life and that more abundantly" would do these things or have someone else order them done. Jesus was full of love and he was the expression of the Father, the people that he rebuked were the "religious" ones, those who thought that they could tell others the right way, but didn't do them themselves. Jesus did nothing but love and care for people, and those of us who truely belong to him, will try our best to be like Jesus. Tell me how this Mr. Samuel Lee is anything at all like Jesus. He is not! Let God and the holy spirit lead you into all truth! For he surely will, if you just listen to his voice instead of a man who is so full of himself and satan, that only a God of love would let him live as long as he has, in hopes that he may himself come to the truth. May God bless all of you who truely desire to know him, and if you are still a member of UBF, please get out and find a good church, where people lift each other up and help them grow in love, not fear. P.S.UBF has some of the same teachings as Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses, and they are considered a cult!