Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shannon (former Toledo UBF)

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2007.)

Name: Shannon
Comments: Susan, I also studied with Toledo UBF. I struggle with the labels that have been applied to UBF. I started one-to-one bible study at a time in my life that I was most off the narrow path. My studies with UBF helped me to personalize my relationship with Jesus and I am so so glad that he used my UBF bible teacher to reach me at this stage in life. That being said, I struggled greatly with the constant urgings to not spend too much time with my family or friends. I belonged to another church and often attended both services because of guilt. I didn't understand what could be so wrong with my family or church. I left UBF because of my concerns around the alienation of my family and the whole arranged marriage thing kindof freaked me out. This wasn't an easy task. I was made to feel that I was walking away from Jesus not a church. Again that being said, it has took me 12 years to find another fellowship where I felt so engaged in my walk with Christ. I struggled to find a church focused on bible study and personal relationships. So like I said, I really struggle with the lables applied to UBF. I strongly believe that the Lord used them to reach me when I was the most lost. But I then felt convicted to also serve my family. Thankfully, He has now lead me to a church where I can serve my Lord and my family.