Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Vrai (former Baltimore UBF)

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Author: Vrai

Subject: Re: did you notice any strange behavior/teachngs?

I was only in the ubf for a year, but as I said after reading posts, and
previous experience, I did not like a lot I was seeing. Bible studies where
more dictation, with the sheperd already having the answers, in front of them.
I noticed a lot they where trying to get me to agree with their doctorine,
which I had fundemental problems with, which I will get to later.

I felt very presured if I would go to another church I would generally have
phone calls asking me where I was, was I okay (my parents do not bother me that
much). I saw a lot of people who were married by "faith." I felt the ubf
thought that they where the only way, no other christian organization bring
people to God other then the ubf. There is only one way to preach the gospel,
and that is through one to one bible study. I had one friend who would not go
to bible study (she had the same "sherperd" I had). The sheperd told me to
avoid her, and the sheperd would never talk to her. She was a close friend so I
ignored my sheperd.

Returning to the southern baptist church, it was like I never left many people
remembered me, however they where not pushy; they did not care that I left rather
they where glad to see me come back (there was no pressure). Southern Baptist
of course believe that teaching the bible is important, but they also
understand that you can preach the word through your action (building and
fixing house for those in need, outreach upward basketball, feeding
homless...). They also know that many other christian groups do the work of

They (UBF) do not believe that in marriage by faith, we are free to have a boyfriend
or girlfriend. Many asked me what I was goind to do when I finish grad school;
they thought I should work for NASA. I felt like the only thing the ubf cared
about is making you into a missionary. They did not realize we are all
missionaries even to our own countries since we should living the God's word

I think I could go on for hours, am I glad I left? yes, I did learn the
importance of learning God's word, and service through the ubf, but I do not
feel the ubf is an environment that either can truly be accomplished.

God bless