Monday, October 29, 2007

William760 (former Wright UBF)

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2006.)

Name: William760
Comments: I was a member turned "Shepard" at the Wright College UBF from mid 1989 until early 1992. I'll summarize my experiences: I witnessed an arranged marriage up until the wedding [partner subject to change up to the wedding date]; the leaders made up bad things about me to the female members within our chapter as well as Triton UBF and others; I was severely rebuked for going to the Triton UBF house because I didn't have my leader's permission; Also I was severely rebuked for missing a leader's meeting to attend a high school basketball game, which was on my calander EIGHT months prior; at one time, the leader literally took me by the arms and PUSHED me out of the house because I was angry about certain things; they decided to change my name!!!! The day when the leader hinted to me about my own arranged marriage, I decided to leave. I told my Bible teacher I was leaving and she attempted her own version of a big-time guilt trip, as well as an indirect threat. I could go on and on with my own experiences, as well as the experiences of other ex-members I've known. In my opinion, UBF doesn't care about their members. They only care about the power trip from controlling its members and taking their money too.

[posted elsewhere]:

I was around when UBF "arranged" Wendy Tockerman and Karl Heusel to get married. In fact, when I made a comment to the leaders that this was "arranged", they rebuked me bigtime and said I didnt see "the work of God in this". Thats right, I didnt see the work of God. I saw the work of Missionaries Lee, Yoon, and Hemebikedes (or however you spell his name). Which reminds me, I never liked their view of marriage, which was (and probably still is) that married couples are only "co-workers doing God’s work". Come to think of it, they told me I didnt have "friends" at UBF, but rather "co-workers". How stupid is THAT??