Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joonho P. (former Korean UBF)

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2001)

Hopeful Joonho P.
E-mail address: (withheld)

Comments: Thanks to all. i'm very excited with this site. when i departed ubf last year i didn't know the separation of ubf. though the reasons that we had to be ex-ubf are different, substantial motive may be alike. my paster in ******1 i obeyed doesn't know the spiritual things. although it's not that he intentionally want to be opposite to God, but he is so because he doesn't know God. under his discipline all went to the states: competition, zealousy (sic), laws, accusation, lier,...etc. with love,compassion,mercy only in lips. i hope rsqubf go for healing, serving, gentleness, humbleness,...etc. now on the bulletin board of my homepage ( -> fellowship -> bulletin board) a man of ubf is bothering me with accusing of my departing ubf. but regarding his message i thought ubf is going to the cult. he located himself in the level of God. but as i found this site i've got comfort from you. God moved me to Berkland and there was another man from ubf, jongwoo Lee (missionary on tashkent, Uzbec from shinsoo in ubf). i was born in ubf and so want to remain friend with you. God bless you and keep your way to eternal life.