Friday, October 26, 2007

HB (former Canada UBF)

(Originally posted in the RSQUBF guestbook in 2006.)

Name: HB
E-mail address: (withheld)
Comments: 'Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free' (John 8:32) were the words that resounded in my heart and allowed me after a year and a half to leave UBF. Ironically at the same time this was also the verse used to recruit new freshmen students into 1:1 bible study or rather the truth to become committed members of UBF. The grace of our Lord seems almost comical now that I look back on it, during this intensive week of becoming an official group on (Ontario Canada) campus and recruiting new members God gave to this burnout UBFer the truth and set me free from the isolation, control and abuse, freeing me from the bondage of the thankfulness trap and man centered mission, restoring freedom to love Christ. Thank God oh Lord you are merciful. I thank God for those who rather than keep silent speak out, for many like me thought we were alone, the rebellious and stubborn sheep needing discipline. In my last days in UBF I sought some form of escape and struggled with God; a faith tied to tithing and works had left me resentful and far from Christ whom I loved. I thank God for revealing the truth through the truthful testimonies of others on Rescue UBF, I saw carbon copies of myself, a faith dying and suffocating (no reliance on the holy spirit). Oh Lord it is your light that makes everything visible. Amen. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.

(in response to a UBF supporter)

Dear Dr. Armstrong,

I had the opportunity to read your unbiased opinion of the UBF ministry. As a former member of UBF what struck me most were these statements 'Some feel pressured and can't live up to these group expectations. Sometimes UBF helps a young person to grow and then the person will feel the need to move on into a different ecclesiastical context in due time.' What is unclear is that you may be stating that it is ok for Christians to be pressured by men into loving and serving God whereas being compelled by the holy spirit I am a young ex ubfer and therefore I cannot even attest to having a full grasp of theology, that I know you possess but what I do know is what it is like to be a UBFer something you undoubtedly were not privy to see. Most ex members leave the ministry feeling that their faith was being stunted, some were burned out and others are still guilt ridden by their inability not to live up to being imitators of Christ but to the rules of an organization.

At some point Dr. Armstrong I and many were of the deep conviction that our faith was tied to an organization and not to the one who bore our sins on the cross. We devoted our lives and time to what we thought was the work of God, praying that all one to one bible students became UBF disciples. 'Sometimes UBF helps a young person to grow and then the person will leave' is the sugar coated version of the truth any other church in the eyes of UBF is not a true Christian church the hope (not the lip service) is that all follow the path of becoming a shepherd, fish on campus and raise a specified number of disciples on University campuses. Leaving UBF is not a welcomed option a good church will pray for their members and ask God to bless them wherever he leads them this is not the same of UBF. You also missed out on the over emphasis on numbers but that may easily go under the radar if you did not have the opportunity to meet the well intentioned rank and file member or ex member. These are not issues from ten years ago these are the problems that exist today. I think that maybe if you had stripped away all the titles and success and spent a day in the shoes of the lowly UBF member your opinion of the UBF ministry I pray would have been different.
Thank you for your time

January 2007